3D-Convolutions and its Applications

A typical model for a 3D convolution

Human Action Recognition

an example application of action and object detection on a scene
  1. Object recognition in a video scene.
  2. Action similarity labeling between two video clips.
  3. Fraud detection in a shopping complex and video surveillance.
  4. Video captioning of any scene, eg: sports commentary, labeling of live video, etc.

Medical imaging

C2D2 computes a depth image from a single RGB image. Then, based on the computed depth images for a video sequence, C2D2 calculates local coverage, so it can detect where the coverage has been deficient and a second look is required.
  1. Detect Deficient Coverage in Colonoscopy Screening. (refer above image)
  2. 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Alzheimer’s Disease Classification.




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